On the easel...
(Well, technically this is not an easel but it sounds impressive.)

I started this Patreon about a year ago, but I really haven't been paying attention to it. It has pretty much stalled. I've heard that I do not have enough of a social media following, and that I should not put too much effort into Patreon yet. 

I say "Screw it!" So what if I have no patrons or followers right now! I have a lot of activity going on in the studio, and I like to start sharing some techniques, tips, and going-ons. And once I get a pledge for patron-only content, I will share more details.

So... this is going on right now in the studio. 2 paintings at one time! I'm done with the underdrawing for both and they are both on cradled boards. Last night I started color on the tall one I'm calling "Signal". The other one's working title is "Dreamstealer." 

On the card above "Dreamstealer", I have sample squares of all the acrylic colors I have with names written under them.  This is very helpful because I can never remember the differences among the Siennas and the Umbers. It lets me pick out tubes quickly and not have to guess which one is cooler and which is warmer. It's really beneficial to see all the colors in relation to others. 

Also in the past I could never remember what colors I ran out of. As a result I have multiple tubes of Ultramarine Blue... Now I take a photo of this card marked with which one I need to purchase.  

Anyways... if you are there... anyone...? Thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a "heart" so I know you were here. And I won't complain if you pledge to be a patron :)