The On-Going Life is Strange Prequel Hate-Playthrough
 Going through Before the Storm feels like big Mass Effect super-nerds like my wife must have felt when they played through Andromeda, watching bad developers make trash instead of something you should've loved. 

I don't ever play through games I don't like and the channel is overwhelmingly positive about the games it features. For any other series, I would have simply stopped playing and uninstalled by this point. But if yer a regular, you know Life is Strange is a bit of a special case for your sappy ol' Blargho. It was very bad in places but very touching in others and I really got into it.

There is this sense in my head that even if I'm not enjoying it, I still want to know what transpires in this game, so I can be aware of the official canon... even if the prequel more and more seems to contradict a whole bunch of canon from the original, lending itself to be disregarded altogether. And so I will get through it, dammit. It's not even that long.

At least the final "bonus" episode (bonus if you pay for it, that is. At least I got it on sale, HA) features the original voice actors and I suspect it'll be far more tolerable. The more I play the prequel, the more I realize how much Hannah Telle (Max's voice) contributed to draw me in.

Hey! If you got this far, it took you longer to read this than to watch the actual video attached. This is a fact I have now stated.