On Humans and the Animal Clans
    From the records of the Chief Apothecary of Droh, derived from notes of a conversation with a Goblin academic and offered without comment.

     Humans are said to be the oldest race in the World.  They were found in all parts of the northern continent until relatively recently, often in positions of authority.  The trade language spoken by Uranja merchants upon their migration north shares roots with and seems to be derived from Old Human.

     Modern humans show a preference for city life.  Their popular reputation for greed and dissipation is probably largely undeserved.  They breed infrequently today and as species appear to be in decline.

     The Animal Clans form the most common communities in the north-western states, especially on the margins of the Wood.  Familiar clans include Crane, Deer, and Bear.  Coyote clans are found farther south on the Great Plains, and Seal clan are a familiar presence in the waterways and harbors of the southeastern archipelago where they often work in the shipping trade.  These peoples are also known in the common tongue as “shed-skins,” being able to transform from animal form to human by removing their pelt, which comes off painlessly like a coat and may be stored indefinitely until reassumed.

     Most shed-skins regard themselves as transformed animals, reshaped by the Wood against their best interests.

     Tangibles are members of a multi-species Animal Clans social movement. Arguing that they are in fact animals, and that pelt removal promotes both bride-theft and child abduction, Tangibles choose to leave their fur on at all times. This philosophy evolved in the course of clan migration south into contact with more diverse and urban communities under human government.  

     While disturbing to older members of the Clans, the Tangible way of life has so far had very little impact on the world in general.

    Otherwives are found throughout the other side of the Wood.  In rural areas they form small villages, in (human-dominated) cities they form social clubs or enclaves.  It is not unknown for a single urban apartment building to be entirely inhabited by Otherwives and their families -- always female.  Crane, seal and deer women often found among the Otherwives.   

   Otherwives are abductee brides from various animal tribes who escape or outlive their husbands but do not return to their original clan.  Instead, they settle with others of like experience, raising their children communally and supporting themselves with their skills in weaving, baking, basketry and, recently, mechanical artifice.

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