On the inside
I'm currently reading Ira Levin's dystopian novel, "This Perfect Day." Like many dystopian settings, in this novel, humans are bred to be similar, genetically. This all "members" of the "Family" are truly indistinguishable from one another. We live in a time where differences make a big deal. Some differences are applauded. Others are derided. Twice, in the last few months, relative strangers have commented on my appearance, which is often outlandish, that they "look like me, inside." On the inside, we all are much more alike than we realize. Aside from the biology of how human bodies work, human psyches work similarly, too. We all have fears of not being good enough. We all wonder how we are perceived. You look like me, on the inside. And... I look like you, on the inside. I made images of these two sayings, primarily to remind myself, on redbubble. I made them in the two items I like best, stickers and notebooks. If you want that reminder, too, here's the link.... https://www.redbubble.com/people/Zuzubeat/portfolio?asc=u Oh, and Redbubble is currently having a 20% off sale through Monday evening. Use the code SWEET20 <3