ON THE INTERNET - An Answer to the Islam Paradox (The Amazing Atheist)
I really can't wait to see the day whenever the left wing ideologues settle down & realise, "Wow, this was a fucking awful idea, to let in any & everyone who says they're fleeing from some war-torn hellscape." History will go to recall itself once more & give right to a harder right, & then their policies will fail, & a harder left will rise, & so on, & so on. Hardly anyone ever stops to try & find an actually plausible, functional solution in these days of deep division -- & why would they? It's much more simple just to galvanise to one side or the other.

The United States cannot proceed down the same spiral staircase to chaos loosed free, nor should be tread on the rights those whom wish to & do legally join the nation more than we already do. There must be a very fine balance -- & maybe my brief answer here is part in parcel to that, & maybe not. But there, without question, must be a proper call back to this issue we face today.

Tl;dr: Gotta get this shit sorted out, ya'll. Come on; one of you knobs ought to be able to pull something competent outta your asses.

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