By: Renato Castro Pasion, Jr. 
(Makati, Philippines – January 22, 2016)

I hear her clicking away
As my tablet lights up
Wondering what she’s doing today
Not wanting her to stop

I have always heard her name
From way, way back
From an old friend’s memory lane
And how she’s this and that

I heard that she’s pretty
And very, very sweet
Someone you would happily
Go out and meet

I saw her pictures posted on-line
Beautiful, smiling, caring face
Sparkling eyes reflecting a brilliant mind
Exuding a glowing, effortless grace

We’ve been friends for a short time
Though it feels like it’s been awhile
Exchanging stories tragic and divine
Transcending thought, second, and mile

I want to feel closer to her
Though we haven’t even met
Afraid that it might be over
Before my eyes on her have set 

I love to hear how her day is going
And experiences of her past
How she views her future not knowing
How much more of this she could last

I tremble with every fear she has
And cry with every searing pain
Wanting to take her in my arms aghast
At the strength she has to maintain

She is a fountain of inspiration
And a wellspring of living hope
She makes me abandon any notion
Of any problems, I cannot cope

And at the end of every day
Is the best part of all
I lie in my bed to pray
For her victories great and small

I can hear her clicking away
And I thank God for the right
Of telling her about my day
And to sweetly say, Good Night.