On Mountainfolk
 Mountainfolk live in small communities at high elevations, generally near the treeline, where they tend their flocks of hardy goat-like sheep.  They are particularly fond of valleys carved by receding glaciers.  

 Mountainfolk are adept at working with dry stone masonry and timber.  They are generally self-sufficient but will trade furs and lumber for salt, grain and luxury goods.  Their complex language has no word for the color red.They are said to be intelligent and honest but quick to take offense.  Multi-generational feuds are the subject of many Mountainfolk sagas and stories.

Notes from the Droh College of Chemic and Animate Research
The Office of the Senior Scholar for Animate Research 
(Note entered by Walmsly Inkler, TA)

  I left home when my father married his third wife.  He married a woman from Standingrock clan and her sisters stole my sheep and my father wouldn't raise his head to say anything.  I was young and unmarried; If I'd taken my sheep back I'd have family blood on my knife and I didn't have anyone to watch my back as I slept, so I left.

 I'd heard that there are good mountains on the other side of the Big Flat* so I headed west.  I walked and lived rough and did odd jobs for farmers if I needed food, but I learned to gamble in Odo-Avenus and lost my knife to a sharp guy with connections.  Bummed around Odo-Avenus for a couple of days, trying to earn enough to buy a new one.  City life was foul.  Then I wised up and just took my old knife back and headed west again.  It will be a dark, wet-handed day if the gambling guild catches up with me, but they haven't so far and mayhaps they never will.

It's a sad life on the Flats, with no pastures, no sheep and no one to watch my back while I sleep.  But slowly, day by day, the mountains of the west get closer…

*central plains

As requested, subject was interviewed in gaol, where he was held overnight for vagrancy and the theft of some laundry.  Subject seemed morose and irritable, but since we seldom see Mountainfolk so far west, interviewer was instructed to query him about his life experiences.  Interviewer posits that subject seems extremely violent.  Interviewer would appreciate not being asked to do solo interviews under these circumstances in future.