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  The Odruk are a recent addition to our amiable confraternity of the northern continent. They are said to live in coastal villages in the extreme northwest corner of the continent, heretofore unknown territory due to the pernicious influence of the Woods, which, descending along the northern Manya Obice range, renders the northwest coast virtually inaccessible.  Nearly a century ago Odruk fishermen exploring the southern reaches of their coastal range met an Uranja trade expedition pushing north from the Urano Isthmus in search of a northwest passage.  Thus, while the Odruk have since travelled south and east with the Uranja, we of the greater continent have no first-hand report of the Odruk in their native lands.

  As newcomers to our society, then, the Odruk are a large, strong people of considerable presence.  They are comfortable on land but prefer coastal communities where they can pursue a semi-aquatic existence, and their tools and weapons must be designed to accommodate their somewhat webbed fingers.  The average Odruk stands rather taller than a human and is broad and strong for its size like Trollfolk, though considerably more intelligent.  It should be noted that this can be said only of male Odruk as, so far as we know, no female Odruk has ever made the passage south around the Manya Obice range.  Presumably, female Odruk are smaller and less hardy and prefer to stay home minding the children. The few Odruk I've personally met prefer to stay mute on the subject of the sexes, saying only that they themselves want nothing more than to settle down and start a family.  Under the circumstances, this laudable goal will require an eventual journey north.

  Meanwhile the Odruk are spreading northeast with the Uranja into the central plains, where their size and strength make them popular in military service.  The current political situation encourages military escalation throughout the central plains and veteran Odruk are being promoted into command for their abilities as strategists.  It has been said that Odruk commanders tend to win battles with a minimum number of casualties.  Whether this is an inherently good thing is still subject to debate among the governments of the plains.

I’m afraid no visual portrait of an Odruk is available at this time.  The rendering we have on file turned out to be drawn from a badly-stuffed Trollfolk taxidermy and has been removed from circulation.  Artwork will be added when an accurate depiction becomes available.

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