On Patreon's changes - important, please read
Dear patrons,

This is not the post I wanted to make today. I've been working on a trio of posts: one process post (for The One Who Holds The Lamp), one life post (for all the things that are going on with me, assorted ramblings on art and survival and despair, and things going forward), and one celebration post (because marriage equality has gone forward in Australia!). But I'm holding off on posting those (they will come either later this afternoon, or in a couple of days) to address some frankly terrible things Patreon has done.

Patreon has just increased the burden of supporting creators. I don't agree with this, I don't like it, and the way they are dealing with this makes me want to leave the platform entirely. In one day I lost 9 patrons and $42 in pledges, which is painful, but what galls me even more is how this platform has turned from something that helps sustain my art into something that fundamentally disrespects both me and my supporters.

I'm not closing my Patreon entirely, in case some of you would like to stay. But I've gotten messages from people who are leaving, but would still like to support me and get updates on my art. And because I do actually do web development for my part-time day job, I can give these people (and you, if you would like to jump ship!) a way to keep supporting me and to keep seeing my posts.

(It's much easier for me than for other people, I think, because I've been publishing my content on my site anyway. So yay for that.)

I've set up a new paid membership system on my site. This will help people who want to continue supporting me, but don't want to stay on Patreon. (I completely understand!) And, this lets me have more freedom in the sense of giving access and content, without having to go through Patreon as the intermediary/middleman.

If you'd like to move your support to my Likhain membership system, go to Likhain Memberships and register

Note: Please make sure to add [email protected] to your address book or check your spam folders to make sure you get the confirmation emails.

I've kept the tiers as they are in Patreon. I've been working on additional rewards for people on the $10+ tiers, which I'm hoping to roll out soon.

Some answers for possible questions!

What does this mean for people who want to stay on Patreon?

No change or action from you is required! I'll be creating users on my system for each Patreon tier, and you'll have access based on your tier. I'll send out a tier-based email once I've created those users. And, not to worry, you won't miss any content -- any time I post on my site, I'll post here, just as I've been doing for the past several months.

Is the new system better for you in terms of payments?

Oh yes -- there are no Patreon fees (I was absorbing around $40-50 a month last I checked) so the only fees are the ones taken by the payment gateway. If it helps, I think Stripe is better than PayPal in that regard!

Will people signed up on the new system still receive emails when you post new content?

Yes, I'll be sending out email updates to people when I post new content. However, these updates may end up in your spam folder, since they'll be coming from [email protected] -- so please add [email protected] to your contacts (and whitelist emails/set up emails from this address to go to your inbox) so you don't miss any content!

Is payment on the Likhain Memberships page secure?

Yes, I have SSL enabled on my site and payment goes through Stripe or PayPal's secure systems. None of your financial information goes to my site.

Help, something broke!

I'm really sorry about that! I've done my best to test everything, but I know new systems are especially difficult in their first few days. Please email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to fix it ASAP.

Your memberships/signups pages aren't very pretty :(

I know! I am working on making my whole site nicer with a custom theme and everything, and when that happens the memberships pages will be prettified. In the meantime, I thought getting this up and working as soon as possible was more important than making sure all the buttons are aligned perfectly. (Which they will be... just you wait.) I'm sorry about that, though!

I have another question!

I will have an answer! Please email me at [email protected].

Thank you so much for your patience and support thus far, dear patrons. You are wonderful, and no matter what you decide to do, please know I'm very grateful for everything thus far. Maraming maraming salamat po.