Plurum noun

A thermo­softening, silver­white metal used as the primary manufacturing material across all industries. It can be made to take the form of almost any other material, with correct processes. Plurum is a plasma at Skee Standard Temperature (SST) before tempering, but is found in a mineable, liquid form on several planets throughout Skee space.

Plurum was discovered on Skissus in 2245 and quickly gained the attention of the scientific community. Whilst in its raw form Plurum is highly susceptible to temperature fluctuations resulting in significant state change, its form and state can be set with relatively low energy input. A more complicated process is needed to recycle Plurum and revert it back to a malleable state, but this can only be achieved with a small amount of material loss.

As the scientific community increased its understanding of the metal and refined the tempering process, it began to be used as a key material in defensive munitions and other military technology. Plurum is now the most widely used material across all industries, from construction to computing. Its ubiquity has had a significant impact on the economic structure of Skee space, replacing other forms of currency to become the primary material in economic exchanges.

Initially, many political theorists predicted that Plurum’s discovery marked the beginning of a post scarcity economy with a closed loop manufacturing cycle: unwanted items recycled into new products with no additional material needed. However, research has yet to find a way to stop the small amount of degradation that comes with each recycle, leading to the loss of tonnes of material through uncontrolled reforming of objects. In addition, collecting objects made from first-use Plurum has become an emblem of social status for the wealthiest Skee. Together, this has resulted in an ever increasing demand for the material.

Only a handful of planets still contain Plurum in a mineable form, including the abundant Skissus where it was first discovered.

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