ON POLITICS - What we Shouldn't do With Trump's Victory
Just like with any great political, social, or economic shift, there is a colossal potential for things to shit the bed, -- hard -- usher in the beginning of a grand happening, or just stick to the status quo. Here & now, thanks to the momentum Bernie Sanders & Trump have drummed up with their starkly opposing but nonetheless populist campaigns, we are at a pique of interest in politics, & national concerns in general. That's all great, & holds incredible potential -- but that's just it: this potential could easily fizzle out & yield the status quo, or dive into the deep end of an awful time. These are but a few vital things we must, & must not do with the ascension to office Trump's just made, that we might have a better outcome at the end of the upcoming four years.

Tl;dr: Ya'll better not fuck this up, alright? It's not hard, guys.

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