On the practice of thinking systemically
I am sharing this tweet I just made to remind us that even things like "going solar" to address climate change can be a sign of deep cultural pathology.

A key framing failure of the climate discourse has been to focus myopically and often exclusively on carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere -- which would thus make it a "solution" to convert depleted landscapes previously harmed by human activities into alternative energy sources that release fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the burning of fossil fuels.

Do you see the flaws in this kind of thinking? When the multiple feedbacks between human cultural systems and the ecological systems they are enmeshed in are what matters, there is no such thing as a simple solution.

Only when we consider the ethics of care for our relationships do we begin to practice thinking and feeling systemically. And only then are we able to find a starting point for engaging with cultural change in ways that have the potential to be meaningful and effective for long-term resilience.

Onward, fellow humans.