On Rewards, Assists, Patches, Stickers, or T-Shirts!
Hey everybody,

Somebody in a live chat asked whether I’d consider signing a non-assisted knife for Patrons, for folks who can’t have assisted knives. The answer is... absolutely! I’m happy to De-Assist a Z-Hunter (which also makes it de-detented!), or to find some other knife to sign. If this is of interest, just shoot me a message.

Also, I’ve been getting increasing interest in Nick Shabazz T-Shirts (“I’m a Gem (according to Nick Shabazz)”), Stickers or Morale Patches. If anybody would be interested in these as Patron reward(s), let me know in a comment. I’d have to get a graphic designer to help out, so I want to make sure there’s interest before I take that bath.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support!


PS: Peace Duke auction coming soon :)