On the Road : Output and the Plan
I left Philadelphia on August 11 to perform a showing of LORE live in Los Angeles. I packed for the day and a half I thought I would be out West. 

I have since been to Seattle, Vancouver, Burbank, and San Diego. It's now September 28, and I'm still carrying everything I got in 2 computer bags.

I have attempted to remain productive and creative, though it's been difficult with the travel, family matters, house hunting, industry and social events, and (most impactful) not having my work station. Since August, there's been a few comic pages, some silly phone videos, gifs, been working on the SleepyCabin website, the new RP website, merch ideas, animation progress, and a number of other projects running in the background (a new Nick pitch, a 10-part web series, and some other projects).

TwitchCon is this weekend and marks the midway point of this flaming brain circus of a Summer/Fall. 

I'll be returning to Philadelphia on October 4th, at which point I will attempt to complete all time-sensitive backlogged projects. Whether I break my ass off or not, mid-October is the moving date, at which point we'll have packed up the house and will drive across the country to our new home in Burbank.

After unpacking and a couple days of rest, I'll hop back in the car and drive up to Seattle to check in on my mother, visit with friends I missed due to the funeral and wake, will pick up several crates of comics I plan to give away to supporters and viewers, and will drive back down to Burbank.

Once I've returned to Burbank (likely around the beginning of November), I'll be locking down my schedule. Streams and projects will be the top priority, along with seeking auditions for voice acting roles in the Burbank area.

That's it for now. I'll continue to knock out as much "content" as possible, on any platform I can manage.

Many hugs, big and sloppy

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