On The Run Video: Victorian Asylum!
And the  3rd May post! Another video preview!  And now it´s madhouse time! You all already know about the Victorian Asylum thing – We´re making the video for ON THE RUN as a crowd video! If you still have stuff to send me, do – if you want to be an inmate, or a doctor (two of you already are!), come to Berlin on June 10th! And if you don´t know what I am talking about, look here: 


If you consider coming to Berlin on the 10th for the final day of shooting, let me know! I also accidentally founded a Berlin version of WGT´ s Viktorian Picknick on the 9th (accidentally because I only wanted to meet with a few friends, and now it´s a huge thing :-D) so it´d be a double feature... party included!

We´ll film this entirely at our premises at musik erlaubt so no worries about the GDPR/DGSVO stuff. by the way, I spend most of the time I was neither festivalling nor videoing with making the webpage more secure accoring to these new rules. If any of you find a link that doesn´t work please tell me - I checked for hours but there´s so many of them :-D




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