Or "who is that cute chick with the blue hair in the banner"

Before I just lunge into talking about development of Starlight, I should probably properly introduce the project to those of you who are not Ace Members on our site to have seen my past previews.

Starlight Divide is a 2d tactial RPG/rhythm hybrid game about the worlds of Heaven and Hell after God has abandoned them. 

In terms of gameplay, it is mostly inspired the Fire Emblem series, but I also draw inspiration from other titles in the genre, particularly Tactics Ogre, Valkyria Chronicles, and Luminous Arc.

In terms of story, it is not intended to be a particularly religious project despite its themes. Instead, it is the evolution of a project I was working on when I was 16... and is mostly informed by my personal emotional struggles. This project means a lot to me. If there's only one thing I can do before I leave this lifetime, I want it to be this. 

That said I am refraining from actively developing it until Reborn is complete. Until then it will stay in the design phase. This is, firstly, so that I can ensure delivering Reborn takes the brunt of my priority and energy until it is finished, and secondly because whereas Reborn was created entirely haphazardly, I am taking full care and precaution with Starlight from the beginning to make sure the story, characters and world are all guaranteed to amaze.

I think this is the case with many creative things. The design process needs time to simmer, and let the flavors soak in. If you take it off the heat too early, it might end up bland. 

You're free to make a joke about me burning things. It's probably deserved.

Starlight Divide will feature 16 playable characters. Unlike Fire Emblem, they will all play important roles in the story. Right now, about half of them are fully designed with concept art and everything. I may go through and post some of the older things (ace members may have already seen them),  to space out time between the new ones. 

But I am incredibly excited to get this going hard and fast soon...