On Ugly Postcards {and Monday Thunder! ⛈}
The dog's taken to pacing in the far-too-early-morning hours, and I've taken to wearing ear plugs so I can get enough sleep. At around a quarter after six this morning, those earplugs were no match for the tremendous thunderclap that shook our house. 

Good morning!

I've had something on my mind, and that thunderclap has shaken it loose.

It's the postcards.

I'll start sending Patron postcards out by early next week, because it's simply not okay to continue refusing to do so simply because they're kind of terrible.

What I mean, loves, is that my postcards will not resemble, in any fashion, anything as lovely as, say, these.

Because I've been in a spiral of not-good-enough with this commitment I made to send my beloved patrons mail I've made, I've, you know, not sent any.

As if you, of all people, would be like, "Yeah, Kim, better perfect those postcards before she sends any, because perfection is the ultimate goal we all must strive for at all times!"

Seriously, as if.

That thunderclap knocked my brain into place so I could remember why you're all here!

Not that you're all here for the same reasons.

But certainly none of you is here because you love how perfect I am, and how much I empower you to follow your bliss and embrace your inner perfection.


So imperfect, perhaps embarrassingly terrible, postcards are going in the mail, starting early next week, at the latest.

To be very honest, I'm quite concerned that one or more of you will find your postcard a gutting disappointment.

But I can't become a gifted artist simply through willing it and in response to a fear of embarrassment, so instead I must follow my own advice – my own philosophy on life, such as it is – and embrace the ugly. And hope you'll embrace it, too.

If you get a postcard that makes your heart hurt, feel free to return it to sender. Or, better yet, make something hideous and send it back to me. I can take it.

If you get a postcard that makes your heart hurt, still know that I didn't try to make something that would hurt your heart. Every hideous postcard is made with love, and with extraordinary appreciation for your patronage!

If you aren't a postcard-perked patron yet, you can click the link that appears somewhere in this email or on this page and become one. Awful mail will be sent to you soon. And your patronage will enable me to keep on keeping on, reminding us all through words and through acts of creative adventure that the world spins not because it's fuelled by perfection, but because it's a planet in orbit, and we'd better just make the most of our short time on it.


PS I've started working on a couple of projects I aim to release in the next month or two. One is an ebook and one is a daily challenge. Thank you, patrons, for supporting my creation of these things!

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