Once A Chieftain Chapters

 The chieftain Kjartan has brought home another slave to his homestead in Iceland. But this time, rather than the usual female concubine, he's  chosen Meshika, a mysterious Radimichian boy from the forests north of  Kiev. Set in Viking-Age Iceland, Best-Selling Author Kira Takenouchi's  Once A Chieftain explores the constraints societies place on human  relations, and what one man is willing to give up to partake in forbidden love. 

Music: Theme to Once A Chieftain  

Once A Chieftain, Part 1

Chapter 1: Meshika's Spell 

Chapter 2: Thjorsriverdale 

Chapter 3: Kjartan's Offer 

Chapter 4: The Chieftain's Cloak 

Chapter 5: The Winds of Autumn 

Chapter 6: Skapti's Necklace 

Chapter 7: Meshika's Decision 

Chapter 8: In the Bed-Closet 

Chapter 9: Awakening 

Once A Chieftain, Part 2 

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