Once more into the studio!
My time at Westercon ended yesterday evening early enough to get home before the fireworks started. Though I was sorely tempted to stay for the Juno Viewing party with Science Guest of Honor Bobak Ferdowsi, exhaustion won out. Fortunately my boxes of art were lighter at the end of the show -- the framed Cat above is now in a new home. Sadly I didn't get a good photo of the framed Scarab before it went. It was very gratifying to see newly framed pieces snatched up so fast, though I'm glad to have a few left for the Bite Studio show this Friday.

Since I was only scheduled for one panel I had quite a bit of free time during the convention. Some of it was spent catching up with friends, but I also made sure to attend a few panels and a packed Charles Stross reading. On Saturday a talk titled "Spirituality & The Victorian Occult" caught my eye. As it turned out, one of the two presenters didn't make it, so the talk ended up being all about the Spiritualism movement. The presenter, D.R. Schreiber, managed to fill the hour with a fantastic amount of information and mentioned he'd be performing a historical conjuring show on Sunday so I added it to my plans.

As it turned out, Wendy Wagner was also attending the conjuring show. We were in the same row, so when two ladies from the audience were requested for the first trick, we both leaned forwards, exchanged a nod, and volunteered. It was a simple but fun trick and I wore my magic rose in my hat for the rest of the day.  The show was a mixture of performance and history lesson with discussion of modern stage magic and how it relates to the past. It was so enjoyable, I and several others including Wendy, made certain to show up for Schreiber's evening presentation: The Conjuring Connection: The History of Science's Influence on Magic. (It was excellent, if you have any interest at all in the history of stage magic, Professor D.R. Schreiber is the magician for you.)

Afterwards, I was delighted to realize that Schreiber was to be one of my fellow panelists on Make it Work: How to Turn an Artistic Hobby into a Paying Career.  We paneled at 8pm along with Elizabeth Rose (jeweler) and Theresa Mather (painter and Artist Guest of Honor). As always, there was much more that could have been discussed, but we were able to touch on the convoluted career paths we've all followed as well as some common pitfalls artists encounter with a decent amount of time for audience questions. It was a great deal of fun, and hopefully provided some good insight for the up and coming artists in attendance.

Since Westercon was local for me, I was able to get some work done over the last 4 days (mostly fixing a few errors in my magnet layouts). I am wrapping up Patreon rewards today and will be mailing them out tomorrow. I've also received a final proof for approval on a certain item only my current patrons know about. It needed a few slight adjustments to the design.  I have approved of those changes and production has started. More on this once those patron rewards are complete!