Once more, with feeling.
I've been gone. I made this Patreon account early last year, set it all up, then heard nothing from it... so I forgot I had it. I wasn't clear what I wanted to do or how, and so I let it rot.

Well, I'm clear on what I want to do with it now, so to the patron community, let me start over.

Hi, I'm Nagrij, and I write amazing, silly, fantastical, and sometimes weird things. Hopefully, I write them well enough to keep people entertained. I started writing about three years ago now, perhaps closer to four, and I've since written a few full-length novel's worth of tales; Soon enough I will be posting those.

Anyone who wishes to help me on my journey to actually write things for a living will get access to all of that, and then access to one or two chapters a month of whatever story I'm working on (my muse bounces around chapter to chapter) a month early.

In addition, I will run a poll every month (as soon as I figure out how to set one up) so patrons can vote on which story they want to see continued next, if at all practicable (sometimes my muse has veto power). This is strictly for first viewing; I have no intention to hide any story behind a paywall.

The money generously donated will go towards three things. The first is my internet bill, something I'm having trouble paying, and would be necessary to keeping me online and posting. The second are a professional editor and cover artist for the books I'm currently writing, as I don't have the money for those either. And the last is a new computer, preferably a laptop; my current one is nice and solid, but since it is five years old I worry about it.

If you read all this, thank you for your time, and posting has officially started.