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Once There Was Nicholas
MASSIVE thanks to those who are a part of our first paid post! It may not seem like much to you, but it's big to us. 5 Dollars a video allows for just a few extra touches, and more crew members... Which equates to more involved shorts and better quality content! Why a Christmas video in May? Well, it isn't exactly your typical Christmas story... Like and subscribe! It helps us out way more than you could know! CREDITS: Nicholas - Justin Barron Mother - Margaret Barron Father - Mic Barron Sister - Feather Barron Screaming Girl - Melody Mancino Young Nicholas - JM Written By - Justin Barron & Dakota Barron Directed By - Dakota Barron & Andreas Reif Editing - Dakota Barron Visual Effects - Andreas Reif Boom Operation - Mic Barron & Andreas Reif Filmed on the Black Magic Pocket Camera with old, vintage lenses! Thus some of the dodgy low-light and noise! Shot in pieces over my brother Justin's Christmas visit! Incredible, break-in montage music composed and provided by Josiah Cavanaugh! Huge thanks to myuu for the off key Jingle Bells music! Another to Chris Zabriskie for "Undercover Vampire Policeman" Support us on Patreon! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Vine: Website:
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