Once Upon a Time-Season 06
The season 06 of Once Upon a Time shows a big change in the life of all the characters,in the begin,we see Emma fighting against her fate,the cruel destiny of being the savior.There's a mistery about who will kill her,because the person is hidden in a black hood,and the only thing she knows is the death is coming.

Now,she needs to fight against it and protect her family from the evil.Let her son,her parents,and the one she loves,is not easy,is the most difficult thing to decide.

Besides,we see a princess searching for her home,trying to back there,and save her people.The only thing she wants now is find the savior and then,save her kingdom.But it's not easy,she thinks the savior is dead,but after,he's alive,and the search for her kingdom gets more difficult,and when she  thinks she will never find her home again,anything is possible.

After that,we meet a new and the most evil villian ever,who's decided to put an end in all the fairy tale stories,and destroy the light.The black fairy was a good person,but in a wrong choice,she traced a dark destiny in her life and your son.Her son is a person we know who  is,and it's a big surprise when it's revealed,because in that story,everything is possible.