Once Upon A Time . . .
There lived not a princess, not a doll nor a queen, but a woman with the soul of something much quite younger than herself. She knew of evil and admired it very much. Indulging in the tales of villains struck her heart with delight. Without secret, she wished to be an evil unknown to man.

She spent time with the devious mermaids who lured her by song. Although they enchanted and deceived her, they decided to shine their knowledge on a path for her. Many would wonder why mermaids would use their powers to help a human. If you understood the intentions of mermaids, you'd realize that the inevitability of what they would share was so certain that it would bring utter misery for a human to know.

"On the 20th shall be your final day," the golden mermaid chimed, "The very thing you call your heart will be shattered. Worry not, for your soul and conscience shall remain. Your body shall remain as well. But I'm afraid it's quite certain that what was shattered can never be mended. Not through magic, not through faith, nor through hope. It is certain that on this day, you aren't allowed to lend, give, or gleam a drop of your love to anyone. What was shattered shall be consumed by the darkness by the end of the night. Nothing will remain."

The woman gazed in awe at the golden mermaid, still enchanted by her illuminating beauty. A mermaid would lie, but never when she tells an oracle. The elders would curse her, turn her to stone and watch her crumble to the bottom of the endless ocean.