Once you get me talking, I could go on for days... help me!

Hello my friends, 

How are you all doing?! During this pandemic I feel like we need more entertainment, love, insight, perspectives, etc... and so I thought it would be fun to try out a vlog/podcast called #storrytime. Because, well, I talk a lot... and sometimes *emphasis on sometimes* I say insightful shit that I think could help or inspire others. 

What would you like me to talk about? My interests/expertise vary and I could easily ramble forever. So, to help me stay on a course and serve you better, I need some help. What do you want to hear about? 

I'm a musician, producer, animator, oil-painter, singer, writer, exotic dancer, certified yoga instructor, did a 10 day silence meditation retreat, ate plant-based for 13 years and counting, I like cooking and making up recipes (because I love eating!), I like fitness, alternative medicine, travelling, gut health (I talk about poop a lot in my real life, lol), mental health, couchsurfing (sleeping on people's couches whom I've just met, across the globe), learning about new cultures (I'm a cultural anthropologist at heart) and I like theorizing about anything. People have said I'd make a great life coach or therapist (though I'm not always the best at taking my own advice lol).... so... what shall it be my friends? 

Please send me a personal message on here, it can be ANY and EVERYTHING (don't be shy) or click on one or as many of the options on the poll you're interested in. 

By the way, it's so wonderful seeing this Patreon community growing already. Love you all!



Dissecting your process of creating art - music, painting, animating, songwriting etc...

Health, fitness, yoga, meditation, even topics like constipation and the nitty gritty

Philosophy, your opinions on world issues, time, space, Santa Clause

Conversations with other artists or other insightful folk

Stripping, sex, how you got into the industry, things you learned, the kinds of people you met

Travel and food, storrys and recipes from around the world

Life hacks, insight into timely matters like quarantine. Things we're all going through

Really bad jokes that no one gets (I wish I was funny - in another life I wanna be a comedian)

All of the above (except the bad jokes)

Other (please send me ideas my friends!)

17 votes total

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