Once you have a video link.. it's yours forever!
I think there has been a misunderstanding with my last post. Plese note that if you pledge in a particular month and your payment method is charged by Patreon, you have FOREVER to watch that video. I'm not taking away access or expecting you to watch it in a certain time frame.

The only point I was trying to make was that you get all the videos I create for whatever months your pledge goes through. If you are a paid Patron in March, you get those videos and have access to them forever. No time limit.

The problem was simply that some patrons sign up and expect to get the videos for all months prior to their sign up. If you sign up and only pay ONE pledge you get videos for ONE month and every month that you pledge you get videos for those future months too. It didn't seem fair to all of you who pledge every month to give all the videos for past months to a person who pledges ONE month and then leaves. That would mean they gain access to a lot of videos and information for a one time $5 pledge when the rest of you have pledged $5 for several months. I'm still new to Patreon so I guess I'm trying to "get my groove". Please feel free to provide your thougths on this topic. I'm eager to see how it feels as a Patron and how I can give you the best experience!