One Game Dad 12: A Holiday Hunting Interlude

To Kill Nazis! Cause there are no good Nazis. That’s the point. They’re Nazis!

We thought they were dead, or at least gauche enough not to want to side with. We were wrong. They have not only attempted to rebrand, but they’ve reorganized. That’s right the Fascists, the Nazis, the racists, the assholes of the world are here and we need to do something for our children’s sake.

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It’s not just a battle our grandparents and great-grandparents faced. It’s one we face now, and don’t want our children to have to address. There are only so many problems we kick down the road and like global warming this is not one we should.

I always face a bit of a difficulty in being political, given I’m abroad. Of course all I do is political. But there’s a level of remove that I have and others ascribe to me for not being a local. It’s an aspect of life in the US that I feel even now because I haven’t lived there for such a long time. Finland’s a bit different given my wife and daughter are from here, but even that isn’t enough for some. They would rather I just shut up.

Playing video games isn’t inherently doing something about fascism. But it is satisfying to kill Nazis and a whole lot of them while supporting a developer, Machine Games, who is willing to address the issues of today and how they relate to history. Not that the writing and messages are by any means ever perfect, but at least they’re trying. The game in question is Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Finland also has a different history with the Nazis, well Nazi Germany, than most of Europe. It’s a complicated one, and I only touch briefly upon it in this episode because there’s so much to delve into there. Something I haven’t seen a video game deal with yet. But that’s some for another episode. You can find this week’s episode as usual on Twitch, Youtube, Stitcher and iTunes.