One last missing piece
Dev work in May focused on turning Game Mode into a full-fledged live editing environment, and while collision is the sole remaining puzzle piece that's still not where I'd like it to be, I've enlisted some of the field's top minds to help. Dev update videos 15 and 16 show some recent progress:

This means that June will be spent prototyping game mechanics and developing the game's look! That's super exciting, I've been itching to get to this point for a while.

I also posted a few Doom-related videos this month. One of them was a live stream going over Doom level editing fundamentals, which several people said they found useful and inspiring:

and another playing through Doom's second episode, "The Shores of Hell", with my friend and fellow Doom scholar Liz Ryerson, in which we provide running level design commentary:

Lastly I did a playthrough of Doom 2 map 27, "Monster Condo", with commentary:

These videos are quick, easy to do, and a good break from the normal dev work I'm doing. Some day down the road I'll make more stuff with Doom (or a Doom-like engine), but this ASCII game is the first stepping stone on my path to independence!

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