One more day 'til...
That's a lie, you know. Halloween is every day!

In light of the spooky season, we're celebrating the vast world of horror literature and media, and naturally my stories apply. As a creator and purveyor of short stories in that vein, here are a few of my works that you can read (or revisit) that are particularly apt for the holiday.

Or dark, quiet nights... or loud, busy places... Terror can sneak up on you anywhere.

13 to 31, a Halloween story in writing and as a video.

Guess It," the kind of thing you don't want to hear when a madman says it...

People tell me Frights & Night Lights is a great listen.

And the new story, Life in the Face of Life.

Of course that's not ALL I write, so here are a few more lighthearted creations.

Baby Fox and Old Crow is a new favorite for an old fable.

Everything Would Be Better If... is something we don't remind ourselves enough.

Happy Halloween, HAPPY AUTHOR SEASON! Inspiration is a click away during NaNoWriMo if you're participating, remember Wordplay is here for the moments you feel insecure. It's what I do.

Thank you so much for seeing me through another year of independent writing. It ain't always easy, but your support means the world to me.