One More Thing...Update!
Hi friends,

I've had some very productive play sessions of One More Thing in the last few months, and they've led to some revision of the playtest document. One small cognitive tweak about the Perception Matrix and what it's doing in play turned into a mechanical change to how it works. 

The "Committed Clues" axis is really about tracking the pile of evidence put together by the Detective player, so now it's just called "Evidence." This led to some thoughts on how it could be more tightly integrated on that larger conceptual basis, and an insight tying it back to how the murder itself is constructed. Since you're already determining how much work the Murderer is putting into covering up the crime, that roll now establishes the starting Evidence for the game from 1-6. This gives motivation for the Murderer to potentially move that number around by casting doubt on Clues in play, a mechanic that wasn't seeing a lot of use at the table.

Not a huge change but one that gives more reasons to use the different kinds of scenes in play, which I think is worth it! I also revised the Murderer playsheet a bit and added a one-sheet with all of the tables for the "Making a Murder" part, so that's all in one place.

The updated playtest PDF is attached to this post, and will become public and go up on my website at the beginning of June. Patrons get this kind of stuff first-and-best, as always!

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