One new features leads down the rabbit hole...

As I continue working on the selling functionality of the site, I wanted to share the new slightly tweaked  view for single books. This is mostly minor interface tweaks and make more effective use of the page space. Not that when this goes live, you will see how many users own and want a book (with a link to a page listing those users), the buy/previews/video links have been moved to the bottom, and there is a new "Users selling this book" tab with a list of sellers (ordered at random to make it fair for everyone), with a link to their for sale page and an option to message the users. 

All that's left now is the functionality to automatically message users who have a book in their wishlist, as well as an option to opt out of receiving these messages.

If anyone has any ideas on how books that are being sold could be marked in the title pages (where the issues are listed), let me know!

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