One of Fifty!
Recently, I found out I was selected to appear in the 2018 edition of The Best New British and Irish Poets anthology. Honestly, I couldn't believe it. For the past few years, I was in Calgary, at a loss on how to pursue being a writer. 

I watched the launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy last month, and you know what? That's kind of what sending out poems feels like every time. You fling your poems into a dark, scary, abyss, charged with feelings of excitement and wonder, and then you wait, hoping that something viable will return. 

The few successes I've had lately aren't exactly on the same page as space exploration and reusable rockets, but they definitely feel wonderful. Especially when incredibly moving poets like Maggie Smith are validating your work.

I decided to post about this news today, even though I found out a little while ago, because just last night I received my proofs. There it was: "Elegy on Loop" next to all of these amazing works by other poets. I can't wait, wait, wait to see it in print, and share it with everyone. <3