One of the "Must Eat" places for breakfast
Ok, Blu Jam Cafe always seems to hit everyone list of breakfast "must eats".  Went to the Encino Location, because it's a beer location and way more less wait, during the Monday thru Friday 9-5 hours of course...

 so no wait.. ✔️

customer service not too nosy ✔

ambiance ✔️

And the food is ✔️✔️✔️✔️.  

Its def a must!  The location is boujee, the food lives up to the hype and the dang Crunchy French toast we got a side on the house!!! Lucky Asian ducky!! Just make sure you wink wink smile smile! 

Go check this place out now.. I mean now now.. like yesterday! I'll post pictures of the ambiance next time I go.