one of these quotes will be turned into stickers and t-shirts. you decide which.
[please read the following in an authoritative faux-British accent.]


it has all come down to THIS.

the final round. the last vestige of madness during our march. one of these two quotes will be turned into glorious merchandise you can post on your car or your body or bathroom doors at your office. the other quote will be withered away into oblivion, never to be thought of again. until i sing the song that has the lyric in it BUT PAY NO MIND.

between now and the night of april 2nd, you will decide the fate of these two quotes by liking or sharing the photo on facebook.

1 like = 1 point

1 share = 2 points

we decide the winner the night of april 2nd. and all @ Little Spiral​ @ Patreon​ members — you indeed included! — will receive the winning quote as a sticker for precisely zero dollars.

yes! that is correct! if you are a member by april 5, even those of you who have pledged only $1 for every song I release, you will get the winning sticker physically shipped to your address for absolutely free.

there is no other way to purchase these stickers yet. you must be a patreon member to get the first sticker.

please, for the love of all that is holy, join the @ Little Spiral @ patreon by april 5th, and may your vote have the distinguished privilege of counting.


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