One of those months...
I'm working on a lot of things on a lot of fronts, but that's been coupled with a month where we've had a major transition in my day job (and in my school -- multiple transitions, in fact), and that's been a very busy process. I've got two major projects I'm working on in tandem: "Being the Steve," which I'm actually pretty happy with so far, and Justice Wing: Emergence #1, which is fleshing out nicely. I have a Myth that's at 80%, and Lovelace, Interviewing Trey, "The Ninespace Cuckoo," The Paragirl from West Littleton, and a teaser for 023SG: The Pantheon all with significant work done on them. I also had a block of 'future scenes' that I needed to work out.

I should talk about the future scenes, because they fit a crucial role in the writing process for me -- especially when I'm writing in a story universe/multiverse/whatever that spans a long period of time, touching on multiple points in that timeline in a somewhat nonlinear way.

I already have some of that nonlinear process going -- Interviewing Trey, the Interviewing Leather anthology, and "Vilify 5" all take place literally decades after Justice Wing: Emergence. Those, however, aren't future scenes, because my intention is for you to see all of them in relatively short order. They aren't contemporary with each other, but they're all active projects moving out into the Patreon and Banter Latte.

On the other hand, 'future scenes' get written and put in a drawer -- potentially for years -- until a project that needs actual published work to be released in advance gets released. Justice Wing: the Apocalypse Agenda has some stuff like that done, as does Justice Wing: Halcyon Days and Justice Wing: In Nadir. One extended scene of In Nadir has been written since 2009, back when the project it's connected to had a different name, cast, and even intention. It's needed occasional revision as plans have changed, but it still sits there, happily waiting for me to reach the point where it comes up in the rotation.

Why do I do this? Well, that's actually simple. Some things have to happen for the story I'm telling to work, and I need how they happen to be crystal clear in my head. I need to be able to reread them as I work on pieces that lead to those events, and need to be able to reread them as I work on pieces that follow those events.

Any time I've revised something like Justice Wing -- and at one point it got a full on fusion with Mythic Heroes -- these scenes have remained essentially intact. Doctor Who would call them fixed points in time. The details might change as the stories around them evolve, but their core remains.

A few of these future scenes are predictable. Freya's fate. Paragirl's death. Stuff like that. A few aren't. There have to be some surprises, right?

So, it's frustrating sometimes to write a block of stuff that I know I can't actually post yet, but it has to happen.

Oh -- to be clear. There's a distinction between these future scenes and backstory scenes, when I write out scenes to get things fixed in my head as reference points, but don't intend to put them into actual published work. The backstory scenes are the things I post for people at the Intrepid Reporter level and above. Y'know. As you do.

Anyway -- I'm actually off today (have some things that need doing), so I'm going to be working on a bunch of this today. I hope to be able to do block publication between now and Sunday. Sunday's the crucial point -- it's the 30th, and I have to figure out if I'm going to make the 40k wordcount commit in July. If not, I need to suspend the Patreon campaign until after August 1. That's the deal, after all.

Thanks, all!