One of Those Casual Updates
Some of the things I’ve been up to the last 2-3 weeks…. Snow. We’re a house full of snow lovers. Though we hoped and waited through December and January, we had no more than a dusting here and there. It’s not unusual to get only a couple light snowfalls, of 2-3 inches, in an entire Missouri winter, but February does see some of the most severe weather, so I wasn’t giving up yet. Our request to the gods for snow must have been delayed, not ignored, as we originally feared. A couple weeks ago we were dumped with several beautiful inches of glistening white powder. Better late than never! It was the bitter cold that sort of put a damper on things. The frozen and busted pipes (back to the well house for us, only this time the temp was below zero!), waking in the night to tend the fire (thank you, Denny), staying on top of the outdoor critter’s water containers, that sort of thing. And Denny even talked me into allowing the two outdoor cats to come inside. A neighbor we barely know plowed our drive just to be kind, and it’s a good thing because we Missourians are used to the snow melting within 3-4 days–and this stuff didn’t. In fact, it only warmed up enough two days ago to really get its melt on, with some help from a hearty rain shower... Read more at my blog: