One of Your Favorite Saucy Guests Goes Vlogging and You Don't Want to Miss It
Two of our most downloaded episodes feature our chat with Patreon's very own Taryn Arnold. She's recently started posting on her Youtube channel thanks to encouragement from her boss, the inspiring Jack Conte and we think you'll love it!

Hey, it's Chris. Paul and I first met the Community Happiness rep. Taryn Arnold, a year ago when she appeared on the podcast. Those two episodes (part 1 & part 2) are among the most downloaded shows of Montreal Sauce. In an effort to learn more about Patreon prior to our interview, I signed us up. Paul & I worked together to come up with the rewards, goals and content, and then we chatted with Taryn about the process and Patreon platform. Of course, we also talked about candy corn, Sweden and Paul Walker crushes. It was all fun and games until our guest Taryn did something very unexpected, she became our first patron, live on the show!

Even before Taryn graciously gave to our show, I was already charmed by her enthusiastic personality. Seriously, I started wondering how to make her a permanent host of Montreal Sauce with Paul and slip into a producer role. As I said, looking at the download numbers of our 80+ episodes, our audience really enjoyed Taryn's blissful demeanor as well. Thus, I wanted to let everyone know that Taryn is vlogging again.

You'll find Taryn's videos on her Patreon page, where she details why she's doing it. The page explains that she wants to use the platform to better understand the issues of the community she works to help. Also, Taryn hopes that patrons will motivate her keep creating. It's hard to believe that someone so inspiring and joyous has a fear of failure, but the video on the page she hints that it has stopped her previously. Personally, I've dealt with the demon named fear of failure for many years, so I can relate.

This summer my wife and I took a quick vacation to San Francisco and we snuck into the Patreon headquarters to deliver a small token of our appreciation to our former podcast guest and inspiring new friend. I encourage you to also show some love to Taryn in the form of views on Youtube or monetary support on her Patreon page. You won't regret it. Taryn's videos are uplifting, engaging, amusing and motivating! So, why are you still reading this? GO!

You should also tell her, "Happy Birthday!" I believe it's her birthday today.

image above courtesy of Taryn's video