One-On-One Creative Troubleshooting

I like helping people dig into whatever their creative addiction is. Seeing people make their art is an amazing feeling.

However, I work full time as a creative too, and can't justify spending hours helping others while my business and creative work is set aside. Not if I want to cover expenses and be able to keep creating. But I really do want to help.

So, I added four new Patreon reward tiers with what amounts to creative coaching. There are a limited number of slots, and each tier has a different amount of one on one time each month. It's for any level of creative, in any kind of medium that feels they could benefit.

Only, let's not call it coaching, 'kay? More like apprenticing. I'm not coaching and sugar coating shit. I'm just going to help you dig through your blocks and troubleshoot stuff and kick you in the pants to help you make more art. Like, a mom trying to get you to clean your room. Just with Art with WAY less guilt.

You can find the new tiers starting at $50 a month for one hour.