One-Page RPG: Five Virtues PDF
Hey folks! 

So over the weekend I was hit by inspiration and crafted a simple one-page RPG based on the Chinese mythology of the 5 Elements but with a slight twist from the original. I had always wanted to integrate the idea into an RPG design and somehow my mind found a way. 

Premise: You and your fellow monks must defend a small village from the forces of evil that attack it each week. You all must master all 5 elements to achieve enlightenment before the forces evil. It's a race against the clock! Can you defend the town or will you harness your Chi instead? 

Patrons will have exclusive early-access before all the files are made public as a Thank You for your patience and support! 

You can download both the colored and B&W PDF versions. Anyone who pledges $2+ can find these files in the PDF Download folder. Have fun saving the village and if you have any feedback I would love to hear it! 

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