One Pup, Two Styles
This is a painting of my mom’s dog Trouble. I painted both of these from the same source photo, and I like the second one in color better. Surprisingly... since I'm a Lady of the Dark!

I actually went back and worked more on the first one, because the earliest version of it made the little girl look very angry… and it was too dark. 

As you know, it’s very difficult – if not impossible – to lighten a watercolor painting. That’s one of the challenges I have faced with the medium. The white space must be preserved before any color goes on the paper. Still, I was lucky to be able to lighten it a little bit without making it look muddy and overworked.

Compare this one above, the finished one, with how it looked after I finished painting it the first timeefore I did the second painting:

You can see the eyes look angry and the nose and area around the nose is much darker with unnecessary detail. I soften the lines with more water, washing it out to achieve the desired effect.

The end result is much better.

Still, the one in color I like more, probably because it’s lighter overall, and that's the style I prefer in watercolor. Light and loose, as if the subject is emerging from a pool of water. 

As you’ve seen in a previous post, I’m not very skilled in working with color. Perhaps I just got lucky this time, but hopefully it’s because I’m improving.

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