One Series Concludes, but there's a lot more to come!
Hey there Patreon people!   Well, we’ve wrapped up our series on

How to Make a Chocolate Bar from Scratch

, and have to say the entire experience was very enlightening.  If you watched the series, you saw Andy go through every step required to make chocolate from scratch.  The way we did it was truly “bean to bar” chocolate making:  Traveling some 5,000 miles to harvest Cacao ourselves.  

Perhaps you've heard.  "Bean to bar" chocolate is getting a lot more attention lately, as consumers become more aware and interested in where the food they consume comes from.  Just in the past couple of months, we’ve seen two “bean to bar” Chocolate Makers open shop here in the Twin Cities.  And there’s been some controversy too, as some supposedly “bean to bar” Chocolate Makers have recently been called out for supplementing their chocolate with pre-made, wholesale bought supply.  Additionally, Chocolate Makers are facing more scrutiny to purchase cacao from countries that treat their Farmers fairly and are not engaging in slave labor. Little did we know when we engaged in this endeavor that we were entering into such a timely debate about how chocolate is made!

With the conclusion of chocolate, we launch into a new series:  How to Brew Everything!

We are launching this series with Andy learning about and attempting to make wheat beer from scratch.  This episode should be going live this Thursday.  Upcoming episodes also include Andy participating and learning about how Blue Agave Tequila is made in Mexico.

Also on deck is the next HTME series “How to Brew Coffee from Scratch”, slated to start in May.  In this series, Andy sets out to learn everything he needs to know to become a Coffee Aficionado.

So, yeah, we have a lot going on.  If you are reading this and are not yet a Patron, please consider coming on board!  We could really use your help to keep this channel going.

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