One-Sheet Workshop / SIBF Day 5

A "one-sheet" mini is a mini-comic format that makes an 8-page booklet out of ONE single-sided piece of paper, with NO staples required! 

Below is an 8-page one-sheet JAM comic drawn at the SIBF / DAY 5 one-sheet workshop with Eben Burgoon.  Eben's a fellow teaching guest artist here at Sharjah -- It's been a lot of fun meeting him & sitting in on some of his classes to learn how he works with comics & visual storytelling. 

This "jam" comic was drawn collaboratively by 4 different workshop participants; I started it (from a randomly picked title) & did the final edits & inks. 

Honestly, I've never really gotten into one-sheet comics before, because they're smaller & tend to look a little ragged (unless folded VERY carefully). Eben's workshop made me REALLY want to explore this format more, and to include it in my own COMICS WORKSHOP toolbox!    
Thanks to all my co-artists...  
I never would've drawn THIS particular story working on my own.  
To me, it exemplifies a process of getting to know a few new people & seeing how their sense of humor works.
And trying out a strange story for an hour on a busy afternoon.  

So here are two of the greatest things about drawing with strangers at this international book fair: 

  • Learning from other teaching artists!
  • Endless exchange of ideas (food-oriented, social justice, & otherwise)!

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