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One-Shot Fic Posted: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Hi folks!

@optimistphan decided to create a meetup on Tumblr to celebrate Pride Month, and I sort of spontaneously decided to write something for it. I feel like asexual folks (like myself) are underrepresented in the queer community, so I wrote a fic on the subject. It isn't related to any of my other stories, but I do plan to write a second fic to accompany this one, exploring the same characters later in their lives and their relationship, set in the modern day. But that won't happen right away, since I'm still working hard on my Phandom Reverse Bang stories!

This story is actually quite dear to my heart, since a lot of my own personal experience went into it and since I do feel that asexual people are nearly invisible not only in the culture at large but also even within the queer community. So I wanted to fix that a bit with this story and give us a bit more representation.

You can read the story, titled "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" ...

on Tumblr
on AO3 

I hope it not only is an enjoyable story to read but also explains a little bit of what it can be like to be asexual ... making us a little less invisible in the world.