One week til Uranus enters Taurus. There’s a lotta positive potential for that 7 year transit, but I won’t lie... it could bring a lot of shake ups. I mean that quite literally. 

There's this weird thing that goes along with being an astrologer. I mean..the whole POINT is to track cycles, observe correspondences, and then help folks prepare while recognizing that there are an infinite number of was the themes and energies can manifest. But still, there's a lot of power there. And I never wanna shout doom and gloom.

Alas, these are the times we live in. And I recently saw an astrologer I respect so very much make a statement about this ingress and the coming years that included the word "reckoning" as in -- it's here. Seeing someone who I know takes her position of leadership and elder hood so seriously made me really look at the realities of the symbolism. 

I'll be writing more about that later (and hosting a webinar that many of you are eligible for). What I want to say in this moment is: sometimes when planets are about to shift we feel it really viscerally(last time Uranus switched signs we got a massive earthquake and tsunami and nuclear meltdowns). Uranus in Taurus will teach us a lot about our survival fears and needs. Sometimes we gain freedom from our fears by going through them. The parts of us that have experienced trauma might feel a little frayed and on edge, so be gentle. If you’re feeling a little shaky this week, remember to breathe and ground and slow down where you can.