Not even two weeks have passed since launching the Patreon and already we've surpassed $500 per month! That means that we've hit the website milestone goal!

So next month that will be something we work on! Ambassadors will get to see and hear about site features before they launch and get their input on how best to implement certain things. For now though, I can say with certainty that it will launch with a blog, a video schedule and a portal to all the various channels and accounts that I run on the internet. Addition features will be an ongoing discussion with Influencers and Ambassadors!

Now on to the sappy stuff...

I'm completely blown away by the support you guys have given me in just the first week and a half. You're helping make things happen in my life that wouldn't be possible otherwise, and for that I am incredibly grateful. In the coming months you'll begin noticing the differences that your support is making, so I hope you're all excited for new ventures!

The Influencer video releases tomorrow for Influencers and Ambassadors, so keep an eye on your email, patrons!

And now, let's make it to that $1,000 milestone!

Thanks again, everyone. Keep being amazing. <3
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