The one where Susie joins the podcast bandwagon
Hi again! I know it's been a while -- thanks for sticking around (and for those who don't, I totally understand!).

I put this project on hold earlier this year as I was overwhelmed with my fellowship obligations at Stanford, and didn't want to spread myself even more thin. Now, most of 2016 later, I'm back with a new purpose and project -- and most importantly, the time to see it through.

This past spring I was a semifinalist for Radiotopia's Podquest search for a new show to add to their lineup. I pitched This Isn't Working, a show about labor today, a subject I've been reporting on in various ways for years.  While I didn't make it to the next round, I still want to make this show a reality with a podcast and accompanying short animated videos.

I realize you are probably sick of podcasts by now, and I can't blame you. There are a lot of them! Too many, really! It's almost as if media is scrambling for relevance and audience in an ever-crowded and confusing market in which fickle advertisers have recently decided that audio content is where they'll be pouring an outsized amount of resources and it won't be long until everyone changes their mind again! By the way, have you heard of video?

Regardless, audio is a uniquely powerful storytelling medium that's also uniquely suited to pairing with illustration and animation, which is why I've been excited to work in this way for years. I've embedded audio clips in my work in the past, but the tools to do this are clunky at best. I'm looking forward to working in formats that are much more user-friendly (presuming again that you are not sick of podcasts).

So beginning in September, I'll be turning patronage on again. Next week I'll send out some of my show pitches as I narrow down the first episode subject. Thanks for hanging in, and welcome to this new weird ride.