One Year Later, & the Future of This Page

Thank you for supporting the MotoLady Horizon Tour Patreon page! 

It's been a whole year since I took off on the road, and a handful of months since I came back. To be honest, I found it crazy tough to keep up with the clients I had at the time of the road trip, my own struggles on the road, and everything. This caused me to completely ignore some of my personal business stuff in order to keep things going. Momentum obtained, in all I did just under 9 months out on my roll-about, and about 20,000 miles. 

The plan now for this Patreon page is to do, well, basically what I had originally planned! If you want to opt out of after-the-fact post-cards, make sure you go do that now! 

MotoLady has evolved a lot over the years, and I've learned a lot about what I want to accomplish with my online work. I'm excited to prioritize the more creative side of my business over the churn-and-burn social media aspect of marketing. (I'll still use the social sometimes, though.) I'm going to focus on longer, more involved projects and stories. This is going to include videos, something resembling editorials, and reviews.

So, in a nutshell will feature articles, galleries, videos, etc. I use stories on Instagram @motolady for a lot of behind the scenes, and even live stuff. Then there's the non-motorcycle side of things @alicia_elfving where I post photography, mechanical trials and tribulations, adventures with friends, etc. 

Aaaand finally, the MotoLady Patreon page will have early releases, postcards from adventures (I'm heading back out on the road in a few days), and a bunch of other fun things that I'll announce individually later!

That being said, in memoriam of the Horizon Tour, which did so much for my personal growth, I'm leaving the original MotoLady + Horizon Tour Patreon page intro here:

Life on the road comes with a huge amount of challenges–from planning laundry and showers to dehabilitating anxiety attacks alone in the middle of the desert. But there are no rainbows without rain, and the struggle makes it all the sweeter. Have you ever turned down a dirt road with no signage just to see where it goes? Camped alone amongst howling coyotes and a sky full of sparking stars? Do you have a sense of adventure urging you to explore?  
I'm going wherever my wheels and the wind take me. I have no schedule, only a list of potential destinations and people to visit. From National Parks, ruins and historic monuments, motorcycle shops, restaurants, artists and more.  
Come along with me on this journey, be my co-pilot through the highs and lows of life on the road!

Since this platform doesn't allow galleries, I attached a ton of random photos from the trip below. 

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