One Year Anniversary Special Public for all readers of Tango Fiction.

Hey everyone! 

I am happy to present the one year special of my "little" game. This is a day of fan appreciation. Everyone gets the same level of immediate access.

Thank you very much for your support and encouragement! If anyone still has .1 they should play it and then the new one and compare. We have come a long way... and have a longer way to go. Although I am unhappy a few things got cut, I feel this update is a good step forward.

I hope you enjoy the new edition!

A special thanks to ValidFlorian as well for assisting me with the code for this update.

Happy anniversary everyone! I see this project has touched a lot of lives and that is really cool.

Thanks for sticking with me, I got lots of great content that should be complete in months to come.

Transfigure .8480085 - Anniversary Edition

Evan and Taylor experiment with anal sex. Taylor has a very strange encounter in a mad world… Taylor hangs out with her friends and learns a lesson about democracy. Taylor tests out her powers on Lucas Ferret and brings treasure back to Professor Deter.

Transfigure .8480085 - Anniversary Edition - 15400 words

-continued Deter route “Let him come to you.”

-continued the two friends path, “Democracy.” (Thanks to Mitsuha for sponsoring this route!)

-added Evan anal scenes on main romantic path

-added basement encounter, Bloomverse (explore the house)

-Added several characters to the character menu plus some pictures (Mr. Bell, G, Stephan, Sophie, Sandra etc)

-added more save slots because Transfigure is fuckin’ huge and the default isn’t enough (Thanks ValidFlorian and Kazeto!)

-added a settings toggle to adjust text size and display. (Thanks ValidFlorian and Kazeto!)

-added the the profiles for most characters and some character links using a popup menu, links still need to be added. (Thanks ValidFlorian and Kazeto!)

-centered many images, added several misc images and media

-many typo fixes and minor rewrites. + added a stupid joke to the pre transformation game night with Drew

-reduced file size, some video optimizations (created a light version for gamcore, -135 megabytes in size)

-added an alternative funding page ( )

-audited word count, game was larger than the tally I have been keeping. True Transfigure size is: 335,131 words and 1934 passages… As my critics say, “Dat iz alots of wordes!” 

-known bug missing berber pic, but fuck him 


upgrade for .82!0iYhSIyY!y9WE_DWXIzwhJKxgVz7vSdrG9vGEQyK-XiB8l40L1mo


(cut and paste if needed)

Full version is currently being uploaded. 

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