Oni with an iron club
The saying "Oni with an iron club" suggest and invincible or unstoppable power. So I saw it fit to begin my my creations here with such a being. The Oni are described as hideous two horned creatures with sharp claws and wild hair. Originally thought of as invisible demons that caused terror across the land, it seems as though they have evolved to something much more menacing. Here I am sharing the beginning roughs as well as a color comp for my first creature card under the fire lord. I am here to show everything to you all as it is being created, we are part of this process together. As I create I also want my Patrons to feel welcomed to suggest I work on their favorite historical or mythological creatures. Perhaps you know a terrible monster that I never heard of or maybe their is an ancient story told by your grandparents that would be perfect for a mystical location or item. The development of this game is as much for me as it is for you, so lets all enjoy it together. Sincerely, Andrew Gaia
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