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Online Class: Between Season Breather #1

Hi everyone,

In this week's All Around This World weekly online class we celebrate both the fact that we've completed one big, broad ambitious -- three months spent meeting the music and cultures of Latin America -- and our anticipation for next week, when embark on another adventure, exploring the world's rhythms. In this between-seasons-breather we drone like an Aboriginal didgeridoo, express gratitude to our Russian hosts for a heckuva party, and sing sweet as a donkey.

 We sing "We Are Happy," a hello song from Uganda, to open every All Around This World class.  This week we sing hello in Tok Pisin, the "pidgin" language of Papua New Guinea -- "Yu stap gut!"  

"Ba Ganala Ganala" is a song from the Aboriginal people of the islands in Australia's Torres Straits. Sing this song with a didgeridoo done. (more)

Wake up in the morning on an Indian farm and sing "Ut Re Moora." (more

We sing a confident "May You All Prosper" to thank our Russian party hosts for a rollicking good time. (more)

In "O My Beloved Donkey" a sad farmer fondly recalls the beautiful singing of his beloved best friend. (more)

"Douce Dame Jolie" is an "Ars Nova" love song from 14th century France, dedicated to "my beautiful, sweet lady."

Glad to have you here singing along. See you next week!