Online Milestone 2: The Bamboo Formula Qigong classes (pdv41)
Are you interested in Qigong, and so far all you hear about it just doesn't add-up? I offer you an approach in these classes that keep Qigong simple enough. 

Daoist training goes through differnt levels. The alchemical proces is clear enough described in my earlyer post and additional paper at pdv40. But for the daoland purpose I have to describe the different levels, I get enough questions about it. 

The alchemical process takes about 18 years to complete. Well, that number is an idea. Completion depends on effort. but there is a lot that is important to realize before you set out for the highest levels. You have to understand that the highest levels are a singular task, that you will most likely do all by yourself. There is a lot you have to figure out by yourself. 

But at the lower level you can conveniently use systems, teachers etc. They have to bring you to the point where you can do things by yourself, as sort of launch pad. 

Tao Hongjing, one of my all time great heroes, classified people in three classes: The weak, the healthy, the strong. He classified herbs as to what herbs are for what category. In later times for all kinds of purposes medical text books let go of that idea. It still is a good idea and it is used to classify students. Based on the level you can determine required study time, study problems and study results. 

When weak, or ill, progress will always be gradual, and come through effort. Inertia rules the ones bound by issues. When progressing the learning process is not nescessarily faster but more smooth. 

When achieving higher levels of experience, one thing you learn is when to pick what exercise at what time, and for what duration. You have to have choice of practice curicculum for that. The Daoland program intents to make its whole curicculum publicly available. The Bamboo Formula Qigong is a good starting point for most practitioners. It explains basics, and how to progress from there.

The 15 or so different Daoland exercise programs are over time all becoming part of the alchemical progression. The whole curriculum is meaningful. When you graduate from the IOC Bachelor program you learn how to help people make a suitable program choice. If you have not prepared like that, I think it is safest to refrain from advice. You might not like to hear that. Part of modern society is the arrogance to know better and not follow expert advice. I do beleive that personal experience and feeling about things are important, but the knowledge and experience of third parties can, if there is no commercial purpose behind it be of great assistance to progress faster. The first goal is always managable health. That is the transition between weak and healthy. A grey area, I know, but all boundaries are fuzzy. much like in some Daoist painting styles show strong forms through fuzzy boundaries. 

The related Zhong Wujigong as a true alchemical practice is to kickstart the alchemical practice from stage one to two. It has 6 levels and three higher levels. The Bamboo Formula Qigong prepares you for that. 

The dv explains the movement principles. But it doesn't explain why it is called formula. Maybe you also have questions about that?

Formula is the loose translation of fa, 法, it also means method, rule and law. Falun Daifa is one of the few practice systems that left the name formula in its name. I might not agree with its sect like intentions for the practice and the eveolving student dependency but it is truthful. 'Formula' means that it is clear what the result should be. These results are touched upon in the video. I just want to point out the importance of the word 'Fa'.

When you get more experienced true appreciation comes about. 

Try the classes, become Daolander. Now there is Yoga, Qigong and a short Taiji shadow boxing form. Eventually we have to get to do all the different methods, I know, but it takes time and participants. You can help the realisation by showing these post to other people concenrtned with health, long life, fitness and so on. The message goes a bit against what is commonly accepted truth, but you will fin d out soon enough that commonly accepted truths are not always valid. In experience of truth ignorance is common in how things are brought to us. That is why I try to be as clear as possible in explanation offering understanding on a beginnerslevel and an experienced level. I can only hope that I do that good enough. Your participation is a confirmation!